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Education Methodology

CLMT follows a very unique education methodology which encourages independent thinking and enhances one's decision making capability which is necessary while working in a corporate set up. It inculcates positive attitude in the students along with a never satiating penchant for subject knowledge and skills being required to handle ever evolving challenges of working in the corporate world. All the programs are designed and developed to impart world class education and contemporary knowledge in respective verticals that may allow students to excel in their fields. The most innovative aspect of CLMT programs is that it works on the principle of continuous updation of knowledge sans any constraints on student's regular engagements. This proposition makes it easier for working professionals to join CLMT program as it doesn't hamper their performance while working for their organization.

Progressive Learning Process

Program delivery follows the principle of Progressive Learning Process intertwined with pragmatism. It is a well known fact that learning is a never ending process and that is the reason why we come across new inventions and discoveries on regular basis. At CLMT, learning is imparted using multifarious tools & techniques working together in such a manner that theoretical concepts could be easily comprehended once understood in the backdrop of practical aspects. The various techniques employed for delivery are as follows:-

Reference Material It comprises of reference books by some famous authors which specifically serve the purpose of exhaustive understanding of a particular topic very much relevant to the requirement of candidate. The idea behind is that everyone has his unique requirements and therefore it is not pertinent to impose everything on everyone.

Easy Notes They comprise of study material in the form of easy notes prepared to enhance the basic understanding of a particular subject. They are self explanatory and are more than enough to ensure the theoretical aspects are well comprehended. They obviate the need of referring to text books and therefore saves lots of time, the purpose they are being meant for.

Case Studies Working environment in today's corporate world is highly competitive and challenging. The management knowledge alone is not enough to counter such situation. Pragmatism in thinking as well as actions is the need of the hour. Therefore live case studies form an integral part of learning at CLMT. The best case studies from the companies of national and international repute are provided to the students to expose him to various baffling situations where there could be more than one solution. These exercises prepare him to take on the challenges head on by improving his analytical skills and decision making capability.

Internal Assessments They comprise of questionnaire that are being provided to the students to offer them an opportunity to evaluate their performance on regular basis. This obviates unnecessary burden of studying in one go and helps student to move as per his pace. Also the score of these assessments is added to his final score thereby ensuring successful completion of program along with proper learning.

Business Update At CLMT it is considered to be important that acquaintance with the developments in business world is the key to keep oneself in sync with ever evolving changes. This ensures application of novel techniques to resolve ever challenging situations. CLMT Students are apprised of latest developments in business world on regular basis to enhance their corporate competence.

Online Internal Assessment (OIA)

As you know, the onus of conducting internal assessment lies on you, it becomes imperative to conduct them in such a manner most conducive to the convenience of candidate as well as center. At the same time it must serve the purpose of assessing subject knowledge of the candidate in an objective manner so that he is well prepared for writing his externals. OIA caters to this requirement of the candidates in totality.

Online/Onsite Workshops on soft skills

It has been seen very often that the students from semi urban and rural background, in spite of having good subject knowledge struggle while performing in the corporate world. It is so because the education system of our country does not delve into personality development. Behavioural training experts say there are several soft skills which are required to excel in an organization.
Some of them include: 
i.  Interpersonal communication skills
ii. Team spirit
iii. Social grace
iv. Business etiquette
v. Negotiation skills 
vi. Behavioural traits such as attitude, motivation and time management
Online workshops are being designed by CLMT keeping in mind these requirements as there is a sense of urgency for attaining these traits amongst young talent to keep themselves apace with the ever changing corporate and social world.

Online lectures through internet

The economic and corporate world is highly demanding across the globe today. It is very difficult for a working professional to upgrade himself in terms of education and knowledge considering the hectic work schedule throughout the year in spite of his getting enrolled in certain course. But this doesn’t mean that he is not interested in attending lectures or learning newer concepts. Online lectures offer him an opportunity to attend such lectures at the place of his convenience.

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